How Silver Trowel has cut their carbon footprint while continuing to support the next generation

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in every walk of life. There’s a growing concern about the impact that greenhouse gases have on the environment and carbon reduction is a serious concern for all businesses. During Silver Trowel’s recent move into new premises at Daedalus Park in Lee on Solent, they decided it was time to look for an energy supplier that could provide them with a renewable energy supply contract that would cut their carbon emissions, reducing their environmental impact and helping them towards a sustainable future.

After reviewing the many options available on the market Silver Trowel chose SSE Green, which helps industrial and commercial organisations with their greenhouse gas reporting. With SSE Green, all of the electricity Silver Trowel uses hSilver Trowel Limited Green Certificateas a zero emission rating.

Silver Trowel felt confident in choosing SSE Green as SSE Business Energy has access to the biggest renewable generation portfolio in the UK and Ireland and can offer 100% renewable electricity generated through wind and hydro assets. With £4bn invested in new renewable electricity generation over the past decade, 2,500MW in wind power and hydro plant has been produced.

“We really did our research on what was available to us. However SSE through their Green package provided us with electricity that’s backed by Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin scheme which means we are able to report a zero carbon emissions for the electricity we purchased. This is very exciting for us at Silver Trowel, and makes me feel confident that we are really doing our bit for the environment.”
– Colin Teagle / Director

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