Online Business Management Courses

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Social Media Marketing

The course covers all aspects of the topic, including how to make a social media marketing strategy, how to create a personal brand on social media, and how to ensure you are adhering to advertising standards. CPD Accredited.


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Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

This course helps small businesses develop an effective bookkeeping system, explaining which records to keep and how to record them. Accredited by CPD.

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Starting a Business

This course explains how to start a business and how to write a business plan for people who are considering, or have just begun, starting up their own business. Accredited by CPD.

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Time Management

This course gives learners practical and simple advice that allows them to improve and manage the use of their time and increase efficiency. Accredited by CPD.

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Mental Health Awareness

This course is designed to help employers and managers understand more about mental health, to better support people in the workplace & promote a healthy working environment. CPD Accredited.

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